Textile technical knowledge and our dedication to service to perfectly develop your elastic tape.

We develop and take care of every detail of your elastic band to adapt it to its use and comfortability.

elasticos para corseteria
All the possibilities to adapt your elastic band to the needs of each use.


We weave and finish the elastic tape according to your technical, use and design requirements.

Customer special elastic ribbon

We manufacture elastic tape for the underwear, sports and technical garments market.

We develop the design and color of the elastic tape according to your requirements, and we weave the textures, elasticity, weight and thickness of the elastic tape suitable for each use.

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Finishings: Silicones and reflective inks

Silicones: The elastic tape is a highly technical product, its elasticity, touch and composition among other characteristics will be essential in your garments. So is abrasion for the best support of your garments. Our silicone line joins the careful weaving process, and we offer you a very high quality of elastic bands with silicone.

Reflective inks: The outer garment of outdoor sports must not only be comfortable, breathable and suitable for each environment or use. Sometimes it must contribute to the road protection. Our reflective inks offer guarantees and a high reflective level.

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